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Saying that KD Elite family was poor, too poor to have to expose not open bottom of the pot, that is, the KD 8 Elite rice tank no one can see the rice.

But then, the KD 9 Elite had to live, ah, he did not have the ability to do business, nor the strength to come down to earth farming, had to take a break to break the sack, four loans to a number of acquaintances. At first, people still willing to borrow to him, borrowed more, people also want the. National year, the less KD Elite are so few millions of people reading it, can do, can be admitted to the examination every year, to the officer, KD 8 Elite is not expected to more than one thousand. Nobody wants in front of such a tiny chance, betting on such KD 9 Elite body.

The scholar borrow meters, had to lay in front of a dilapidated temple, and complaining. He lamented the fate of this life so hard, but fortune and bad, a series of test several times, took a diploma scholar broken back, I am very ashamed.

Scholar hungry hungry, to plunge in the dilapidated temple of stone lions in front of the top. That stone lion with blood, live. It suddenly become a priest KD Elite. I do not know you have not found in the private sector, those helpful, will point Xianshu mostly priests, and monks do, people are generally not being civil DJ. KD 8 Elite from the "Strange," which can be seen. Estimated priests than monks, KD 9 Elite is closer to those poor people.